[Samba] windows file compatibility aka A Cry For Help

Scott Shackelford scott at customtransport.com
Fri May 9 21:05:46 GMT 2003

I've seen some older programs not handle Network shares over 2GB. I would
try to limit the max disk size reported to 2GB.

In your smb.conf in the [global] section add

	max disk size = 2000

and see if that fixes it. I usually see this on some installers as they
think that if it's over 2GB or space that it thinks it's 0 space free. (Runs
out of bits.) Hope this helps.

	-Scott Shackelford

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> Everything is going amazing in the windows->samba conversion until I ran
> into a roadblock..I really dont know what may be going on so I
> will outline
> it as best as I can.
> We have a program called realty toolkit which saves its configuration and
> security settings onto the network.  Well, after putting the
> files onto the
> linux box, it no loger wants to work, the security check fails.
> calling the vendor they asked 'is there any compression' because they have
> seen this behavior with compressed drives, and thier explanation
> is 'toolkit
> looks for a specific file geometry and compression throws that off'  -- so
> my interpretation is that the file has to be written correctly when read
> I can only guess that samba stores it a bit different, and therefore the
> geometry is off...
> Does this make any sense? or is this way off and it is a different problem
> that can be fixed???
> Other than that the implementation is running great!
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