[Samba] windows file compatibility aka A Cry For Help

Chris McKeever tech-mail at prupref.com
Fri May 9 20:38:14 GMT 2003

Everything is going amazing in the windows->samba conversion until I ran
into a roadblock..I really dont know what may be going on so I will outline
it as best as I can.

We have a program called realty toolkit which saves its configuration and
security settings onto the network.  Well, after putting the files onto the
linux box, it no loger wants to work, the security check fails.

calling the vendor they asked 'is there any compression' because they have
seen this behavior with compressed drives, and thier explanation is 'toolkit
looks for a specific file geometry and compression throws that off'  -- so
my interpretation is that the file has to be written correctly when read

I can only guess that samba stores it a bit different, and therefore the
geometry is off...

Does this make any sense? or is this way off and it is a different problem
that can be fixed???

Other than that the implementation is running great!

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