[Samba] Problems to write to Samba shares via VPN!

Roger Gottet (EAS) roger.gottet at eas.ericsson.se
Fri May 9 13:44:27 GMT 2003


we've some remote users connected with ADSL and a VPN connection to our network. They need to access with their W2k clients files on a UNIX server (Solaris 8), running Samba. Writing files to the Samba share is not possible. 

The copy job is always cancelled with the following error: 

Cannot copy "whateverfile.txt": The specified network name is no longer available. 

Writing to Windows shares works fine. All other clients, remote or local can write to the Samba share without any problems. The problem occurs only if VPN is used to access the Samba shares. 
I read on some knowledge base that there are some known issues with IPSEC stack and Microsoft PPTP implementation. 

Does anybody known this problem and maybe has a solution for it? 

Many thanks for your support, 

  Roger Gottet
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