[Samba] wbinfo -u is returning 0xc0000022

Craig Herring cherring at nbbc.edu
Fri May 9 07:52:40 GMT 2003

Cool! ... That helps...
I tried installing libacl and libattr from RH9 < works - no failed deps.

then I did the whole wbinfo --sequence thing and finally it worked after I cleaned out the winbind stuff.  Thanks for the link!  Now on to dfs to integrate with a win2k domain for eventual migration :-)

Craig Herring

> Thanks for your reply. Someone suggested me to do wbinfo -A 
> administrator%<password> which solved the problem. I found 
> the same solution when googling for "wbinfo --sequence" + 
> DISCONNECTED, which brought me at this page: 
> http://www.faqchest.com/linux/samba-l/smb-03/smb-0302/smb-0302
> 20/smb03021902_03106.html
> I think this username and password need to be set to access 
> the IPC$ share.
> Now the user is never created in the local passwd file (it's 
> taken from the PDC), but is able to login and receive a 
> homedirectory (with pam_mkhomedir), which is what I wanted.
> Thanks for your help.

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