[Samba] Problem with Epson 680 driver after upgrade of Windows 2000 to SP3

John Zoetebier john.zoetebier at transparent.co.nz
Fri May 9 07:02:10 GMT 2003

After an upgrade of Windows 2000 to SP3 suddenly the Samba network
printers are not working anymore.
The Samba printers are visible for browsing, but upon connect I get a
message that the driver is not right.
I connect to the Samba printer, install the driver from the client and
get an error message:
"The printer driver you selected is either not compatible with your
current version of Windows, or it may not be available"

When I install the drivers for a local printer all is working fine.
Can anybody explain how to solve this problem ?

John Zoetebier

John Zoetebier

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