[Samba] An old winbind syncronization question

The Fresh Prince of Darkness ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Thu May 8 23:42:19 GMT 2003

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First the setup:
Samba 2.2.3a on Debian testing, built with ACL support on XFS filesystem.

NT4 PDC (Eventually we plan to implement Samba PDC, but that's a ways off.)

Secondary offsite Samba server, same config as above, rsyncing data 
directories every 5-minutes over T1.

Offsite Backup server grabbing data off the live Samba server nightly 
via rsync.

We are implementing Winbind on the Samba server and it seems like a 
dream come true (Single point of Acct Management!!), but I am 
anticipating 2 problems.

1) Samba server dies and secondary server goes live.  Winbind mappings 
are per machine, so all file ownerships are blown away.  We're not using 
NFS in our shop, but I suspect this would be a similar problem there. In 
this case, though only one of these servers is ever live at a time.

2) when rebuilding the primary server from the offsite backups, how can 
I ensure that the winbind mapping is carried over to avoid the same 
problem as #1?

I researched the list archives and saw mention that this was being 
worked on back in 2001.  Has any progress been made and I just missed 
the release?  If syncronization is still impossible, if I dump 
winbindd_idmap.tdb to my backup server, would restoring that be enough 
to get everything back to square 1?

Thanks in advance.

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