[Samba] Failed to modify entry error

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Thu May 8 16:58:32 GMT 2003

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>From: John H Terpstra [mailto:jht at samba.org] 
>> I have created the account in the /etc/passwd file.  It exists in the
>> shadow password file.  I have created machine accounts before.
>In /etc/passwd is it there as:
>	pc-00454
>OR as
>	pc-00454$
>This is critical!

It is in as pc-00454$:


>> What should I be looking for?
>In smb.conf [globals], set "log level = 10"
>The do this again, and check to see what is failing in the log file

I don't see anything coming up in any of the logs I am looking at... I
have the syslog flag on, so things get written there, and I am checking
the log.smbd and log.nmbd files.  Is there somewhere else I should look?

Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I haven't been able to find
anything on it.


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