[Samba] Slow login on SAMBA 3.0-alpha23 PDC - Please Help!

Breton M. Saunders b.saunders at inpharmatica.co.uk
Thu May 8 15:49:29 GMT 2003


  I'm running into some trouble running samba as a PDC, and need some help.

  Whenever my users attempt to log onto the domain their log on process is 
extremely slow.  The client computers are all windows 2000, service pack 2 or 
3, and windows seems to take ages starting up sys-tray programs.  

  I think that netbios is working correctly, and file service is reasonably 
snappy, so I don't really suspect a netbios problem.  

  One potential problem is that my PDC is not the file server.  The PDC NFS 
mounts the user home directories off of another file server - could this pose 
a problem?

  Any help debugging this problem would be greatly appreciated - and solving 
the problem would save me from the wrath of having to install a W2K PDC.



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