[Samba] None

Jon Niehof jniehof at paladigm.com
Thu May 8 13:43:54 GMT 2003

> I guess it still can not be recommended as a safe method to achieve
> what the request intended.
> Couln't I "write" a zero-length (or 1-Byte length, if zero is disallowed)
> content to tha file and so, in effect delete what it  represented?
Sure. But at this point you're splitting hairs thin enough 
that the original question becomes pointless. You could also 
write garbage across the entire file, etc. etc.

Without strong AI + mindreading to get a "DWIM" directive in 
Samba, I'm not sure what *would* satisfy that sort of 
criterion. Perhaps the OP can clarify the situation.

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