[Samba] Which password file does Smbmount use ?

Ken Walker ken.walker at textiles.umist.ac.uk
Thu May 8 11:44:47 GMT 2003

Does samba use the Unix password file or the smbpasswd file for smbmounting
other machines.
This problem is only happening on one out of three Linux machines at the
on all Linux machines
encrypt passwords = yes
security = user
Using LM8.1 and Samba 2.2.3 I could smbmount both Linux and NT machines. But
for some unknown reason I can still smbmount Linux machines but not NT
machines, even though both username and passwords are the same on Linux and
NT, in both the Unix and NT accounts and the smbpasswd accounts. 
I can also get access to shared files on a NT machine from another NT
machine using the same username password that are common to all machines.
I can mount shares on the Linux machine from any NT machine, but not the
other way round.
This problem is also screwing up printing to the NT machines.
I used Ethereal and captured the packet that sent the password to the NT
machine and it contains 'Ansi password' and 'Unicode password'. But looking
at the smbpasswd file none of them match.
Could somebody tell me the reason why two types of password are sent, which
one is used by the NT machines and should they be the same as the encrypted
passwords in the Unix/samba password files.
many thanks
Confused Ken

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