[Samba] SV: Samba Installation help for a domain

Ashish Garg Ashish.Garg at sfcsystems.com
Thu May 8 08:25:32 GMT 2003

Any expert suggestions most welcome , I am really stuck ..

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	Ämne: Samba Installation help for a domain
	HI Guys,

		I need some help regarding Samba Installation for a domain. My Windows 2000 clients connect to a paricular doamin. My Samba servers are up and running on Unix machine.I browsed a lot how to put domain in place of a workstation. Right now in the smb.conf file I have given the domian name itself. But surprisingly I don't find my Samba server shares in the network neighbourhood of client machinee..
		          My doubts:
		          1.      Once my Samba daemons are up , should samba share be directly visible in Network neigh bourhood of client machine( Considering All TCP and network related settings are ok)
		         2. What i feel is theshare should be visible and check for same workgroup or domain should be performed when we try to connect ?
		To be very frank I am novice and having my hands on Samba first time.
		Thankx in advance for any useful help.

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