[Samba] Password syncing

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Thu May 8 07:17:07 GMT 2003

hi doug,

> I also have successfully configured Samba to change the samba password
> from  the windows client (using the change password feature in
> Ctrl-Alt-Del).  The only way I could get the password change from the
> client to work was to set "unix password sync = no" but I would like
> the  functionality of this, so that when a user changes their samba
> password  from the client, it changes both of the passwords.
> Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

maybe your passwordchat crashes! -> try to write a little shellscript that
asks you for the password and writes this in a file. use this script as
passwordprogramm and turn on sync. if passwordchange works now and in your
file is the new pwd, you know definitively that the string you defined at
passwordchat is not the same as the expected one of your passwordprogramm.

suggestion 1:
try to get your chat and pwdprogramm work together - look out: each
character and also carriage return must be set

suggestion 2:
if your shellscript works use it ;-)
let your script call the passwordprogramm!!!

thomas reisenbichler

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