[Samba] File permissions

Oscar A. Valdez oscar.valdez at plastipak.com.sv
Wed May 7 16:34:53 GMT 2003

I'm trying to understand how file permissions are handled by smbmount.
I've setuid root both smbmnt and smbumount, so that regular users can
mount and unmount samba shares. Pertinent options in /etc/fstab are

Rights are as follows:

 r-- r-- r--	:file permissions on the Samba server
 rwx rwx ---	:fmask specified in /etc/fstab
 rwx r-x r-x	:root user's umask
 rwx rwx r-x	:regular users' umask
drwx r-x r-x	:permissions on mount point before mount
drwx rwx ---	:permissions on mount point after mount
 r-x r-x ---	:mounted file permissions

I would like to understand why I end up with 550 on the mounted files,
instead of 440 (which are the file permissions on the server) or 770
(which are the rights specified by the fmask option).
Oscar A. Valdez

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