[Samba] samba-2.2.8a and PDC help!!!

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Wed May 7 20:55:35 GMT 2003

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Yunier Saborit Ramírez wrote:
> Of course when i reboot the client, the server i think is not necessary
> to reboot;

OK, that's what I assumed after I had read it twice ...

> the problem is that the clients could not log on user after
> the system is reinitialize...

Are the clients using WINS? Is it the IP of the PDC? You can check with:

C:\>ipconfig /all

If they are not, configure them (ie via DHCP is a convenient way) to use
the samba PDC's IP as only WINS server (if you don't have another WINS
server, but then you must point the Samba PDC at it instead of running a
WINS server on it).

> and i not know what is the reason for...
> i'm not a gurú whit linux, but i think that linux is a good choice, and
> i 'm trying to chance the way of think on peoples on my University...
> If i finally mount a PDC on linux it's will be a great point to my favor
> in the discussion...

We have been running samba in production as PDC for close on 3 years now ...

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>>> hello all,
>>> i'm really trying to mount a PDC with samba-2.2.8a and RedHat8.
>>> when i introduce the clients to domain all run Ok, but when i reboot the
>>> system and try to logon to the domain, the system send me a message like
>>> this "the system could not log you on because the domain 'DomainName' is
>>> not available"
>> When you reboot which system? PDC or client?
>>> any body know what is the reason for?
>>> the smb configuration is the next:
>>> [global]
>> [snip]
>>>     wins support = yes
>> [snip]
>> 1)If you're rebooting your server:
>> That is the reason. Don't reboot your WINS server, it stops the windows
>> machines from being able to easily locate machines. If you have rebooted
>> your WINS server, reboot the machines that can't log in, or log into
>> them with a local account and restart the "Computer Browser" or similar
>> service.
>> Why do you need to reboot your server anyway?
>> 2)If you mean rebooting the client, are the clients configured to use
>> the machine above as WINS server? If not, this is your problem. All the
>> machines in your domain should use the same WINS server.

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