[Samba] samba-2.2.8a and PDC help!!!

Yunier Saborit Ramírez yunier.saborit at uho.edu.cu
Wed May 7 19:30:51 GMT 2003

Of course when i reboot the client, the server i think is not necessary to 
reboot; the problem is that the clients could not log on user after the 
system is reinitialize...
and i not know what is the reason for...
i'm not a gurú whit linux, but i think that linux is a good choice, and i 
'm trying to chance the way of think on peoples on my University...
If i finally mount a PDC on linux it's will be a great point to my favor in 
the discussion...

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>> hello all,
>> i'm really trying to mount a PDC with samba-2.2.8a and RedHat8.
>> when i introduce the clients to domain all run Ok, but when i reboot the
>> system and try to logon to the domain, the system send me a message like
>> this "the system could not log you on because the domain 'DomainName' is
>> not available"
> When you reboot which system? PDC or client?
>> any body know what is the reason for?
>> the smb configuration is the next:
>> [global]
> [snip]
>> 	wins support = yes
> [snip]
> 1)If you're rebooting your server:
> That is the reason. Don't reboot your WINS server, it stops the windows
> machines from being able to easily locate machines. If you have rebooted
> your WINS server, reboot the machines that can't log in, or log into
> them with a local account and restart the "Computer Browser" or similar
> service.
> Why do you need to reboot your server anyway?
> 2)If you mean rebooting the client, are the clients configured to use
> the machine above as WINS server? If not, this is your problem. All the
> machines in your domain should use the same WINS server.
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