[samba] unix password sync

Dennis Knies dknies at studenten.net
Wed May 7 14:48:33 GMT 2003


This is my last (desperate) attempt to get the "unix password sync" working

I've been trying to get it working for weeks, but it still doesn't work.

Serverspecs: 	OS: 		FreeBSD 4.8-release
	Samba:	2.2.8

	Samba is working as a PDC using roaming profiles. This works fine.

If the option "unix password sync" in smb.conf (available @ 
http://home.studenten.net/~dknies/smb.conf)is enabled, the next situation 
is created:

1) 	Root can change the unix-and smbpasswd for all users

2) 	A regular user kan chage his unix password using the 'passwd' command
		-bash-2.05b$ passwd
		Changing local password for dennis.
		Old password:
		New password:
		Retype new password:
		passwd: updating the database...
		passwd: done

	This user isn't abled to change the smbpassword using the 'smbpasswd' 

		-bash-2.05b$ smbpasswd
		Old SMB password:
		New SMB password:
		Retype new SMB password:
		machine rejected the password change: Error was : RAP86: The 
specified password is invalid.
		Failed to change password for dennis

	I'm sure the Old Password wasn't invalid. 	And the most strange thing is: 
The unixpassword is changed into the net smbpassword.

3)	When a regular users wants to change his password in win2k (All the 
clients are win2k overhere) 	this error will pop up:

		The system cannot change your password now because the domain 
FreeBSDgroup is not available

I can't find errors in my logfiles which tell me anything about the errors 
or the solutions.

Because I'm _really_ desperate I deinstalled everything on my system, but 
the error keeps alive.

Can someone tell me anything about this problem, because I really don't 
have a clue...

Thanks in advance,

Dennis Knies

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