[Samba] performance issue

samba123 at zonnet.nl samba123 at zonnet.nl
Wed May 7 14:41:39 GMT 2003

Hello there,

I am a new member to the mailing list. My name is Roy and I'm a fanatic 
linux user. 

I have some questions about performance and tuning when it comes to a 
great number of connections. Does anyone have experience with these 
things. There are 2 situations:
1. Offering 200 shares on 1 machine (intel-based). Each share has an 
average of 4 users. Use off approximately a few MB per hour.

2. Offering 1 share on the same machine. This share has an average of 800 
users. High frequency use, but the files aren't larger than 2 or 3K.

Does anybody have experience with the sizing of the machine. It is going 
to be a Compaq Prolliant. But how many memory do I have to buy. How many 
Mhz must the CPU be? 


Regards, Roy.

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