[Samba] Login Script - Please clarify

Devanesan sde at baba9.com
Wed May 7 11:16:16 GMT 2003

I have placed this line "net use s: \\public\users\%U" in the file 
and "logon script = netlogon.bat" in the file "smb.conf".

so that I can avoid creating separate ".bat" file for individual users 
while creating
private shares. This is not working for me. Can you please tell me
where I am going wrong?.

At the same time if I create separate .bat file for each users and provide 
the line
"logon script = %U.bat" in the file "smb.conf", then it is working fine. 
But this involves
continuos maintenance as I have to keep creating .bat files as new users 

Warm Regards

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