[Samba] oplocks

Warren Johnson warren at advancedmicrocomputers.com
Tue May 6 21:50:19 GMT 2003

Dear List,

I'm using samba 2.2.8a  as a PDC which I built from the src.rpm on a 
RedHat 9 box.  In every file share (including homes and netlogon) I have 
the following lines.

kernel oplocks = no
level2 oplocks = no

In smbd.log I keep getting the following lines

[2003/05/06 17:28:35, 0] smbd/oplock_linux.c:linux_init_kernel_oplocks(287)
   Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler

I have about 40 machines using Win98, Win2000 and WinXP.

In the global section I had oplocks = no and that didn't seem to help so 
I commented it out.

If I have oplocks turned off why do I still get the error messages in 


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