[Samba] Network Time problems with Windows 2k

Ross Anderson rosander at owbn.org
Tue May 6 13:14:19 GMT 2003

I searched through the documentation and mailing list archives to find a
solution but was unsuccessful. I saw that others had encountered this
but I was unable to find a solution. Suggestions


This is with samba 2.2.8a functioning as a PDC and Windows clients sp3 







Because of repeated network problems, the time service has not been able
to find a domain controller to synchronize with for a long time. To
reduce network traffic, the time service will wait 960 minutes before
trying again. No synchronization will take place during this interval,
even if network connectivity is restored. Accumulated time errors may
cause certain network operations to fail. To tell the time service that
network connectivity has been restored and that it should resynchronize,
execute "w32tm /s" from the command line. 


Ross Anderson    rosander at owbn.org

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