[Samba] samba + ldap + pam_mkhomedir ?

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
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> Hi list,
> I'm on the way to implement samba with ldap on five servers (each owns
> a different nt-domain) and a master server which maintains the central
> user database which gets replicated to all the other servers.

BTW, I would apprectiate your comments on this document then:


> Now I
> have just one more problem, namely homedirs. I want every user to have
> a homedir to store for example his profile. This has to exist, and it
> would be nice if I could use pam_mkhomedir to create it, but (without
> testing) I figure that samba has to authenticate against pam, am I
> right?

No, you don't need to auth via pam, see "obey pam restrictions".

I guess I should add the stuff about pam_mkhomedir (though we use rsync
and NFS, so we don't need this ourselves).

> But if I let samba autheticate against pam, do I still have all
> the information available, when autenticating against ldap?
> What I planned is this:
> User log onto pdc -> authentication against pam -> pam autheticates
> against ldap
>                   |
>                    -> if homedir exists everything is fine
>                     else
>                    -> pam_mkhomedir creates homedir on server
> Has anyone done something like this before and could provide some
> information?


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