[samba] samba very slow

Dennis Knies dknies at studenten.net
Tue May 6 08:22:38 GMT 2003


I'm using FreeBSD 4.8 and samba 2.2.8 on a Pentium 2 (dual processor, 600 
MHz, 512 MB memory) and at this moment everything is working, but I've one 
serious problem:

I've made an filesystem /data with some shares like /public, /temp, 
/projects etc.

I'm now copying a 170 MB file from my local harddisk to a samba share. 
Normally this should take less then 30 seconds, at this moment it takes 
more then 30 minutes.

When I look at the processes using 'top', I see samba is using all the CPU 
available. I really don't know why, but I do know this isn't normal. Does 
anyone one why samba is taking tha much of the available resources??

Thanks in advance,


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