[Samba] subdir problems with 2.5.69 and samba 3.x

Ed Sweetman ed.sweetman at wmich.edu
Tue May 6 00:50:59 GMT 2003

I've tried both the debian devel and cvs pulls of samba and upon 
upgrading my kernel to 2.5.69 samba no longer allowed access to 
subdirectories of my shares.  Windows gives the error "Directory does 
not exist" yet all files in the share directory in the directory 
supplied by "path" are accessible.  This is even true for guest only 
services with share security so I'm not sure what's going on here.  The 
subdirectories are not symlinks and the permissions are world readable 
world searchable. Is anyone else having this problem or has this 
occurred before so someone can point out what i'm doing wrong.  I'm not 
subscribed to the list so cc all replies and i can supply any further 
info required.

This all worked prior to the kernel upgrade and samba was not changed.

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