[Samba] pam_ldap authentication

Schelstraete Bart schelstraete.bart at skynet.be
Mon May 5 20:19:14 GMT 2003


I have a -maybe stupid question regardin pam_ldap and Samba,and I really 
hope that somebody can help me.

I currently using pam_ldap so that users can login on the Unix machine 
with their LDAP userid/password.
Now I want to configure Samba so that he also uses that pam_ldap for 
that authentication. But please note that I only want to authenticate 
tru the LDAP, so nothing else is stored in the LDAP server.

Do somebody know if this is possible. If so , can somebody point me in 
the correct direction (what do I need to modify in smb.conf and 
pam.conf)? I already searched the whole internet for more information 
regarding this, but I could find anything similar which could help me.

Tnx in advance,


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