[Samba] Hang in 2.2.8a

Jeff Jirsa jeff at unixconsults.com
Mon May 5 16:49:13 GMT 2003

I'm seeing a reproducable hang in transferring large files.

The configuration I have is:

FreeBSD 4.x box running Samba -> WinXP -> FreeBSD 5.0 box running samba

Both FreeBSD boxes export home directories. The WinXP box has these
directories mapped to network drives. Attempting to copy a very large (1.5
GB) file from the 4.x box to the 5.0 box THROUGH the WinXP box causes the
5.0 box to hang (I'm literally using windows explorer to drag the file
from one network drive to the other: it's my understanding that it would
be copied from one freebsd box to the windows box then to the other
freebsd box).

The destination (FreeBSD 5.0) box enters some sort of interrupted state:
keystrokes are registered on the console, but it seems to be hung in the
kernel (ie: I can switch virtual terminals at the console by hitting
Alt+F2/Alt+F1, but I can't log in or run any commands).  This is likely a
bug in FreeBSD too, but it's being triggered by something in Samba.

Is this a known problem? I don't have a serial console that would let me
break the BSD box to debugger, so it's hard for me to debug what's going
on... Any insight (above and beyond "Don't transfer files that way") would
be appreciated.

- Jeff Jirsa

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