[Samba] Translating end-of-line sequence

Daniel Barbar dbarbar at legato.com
Mon May 5 16:45:16 GMT 2003


     Is it possible to have the Samba mount client ('mount -t smbfs'
on Linux) do the translation between the Windows and Linux formats
for the end-of-line sequence? We'd like to mount a Windows share
(containing both Windows and Linux source code) on Linux and compile
on it, but the some Linux tools (make, for instance) don't know how
to handle the Windows like end-of-line sequence.
     Running a script to do translation is an option we'd like to
leave as the last one. Yes, I too would much rather have the file
server on Linux, but this laboratory I'm working with is very
Windows centric (it's even located in the Seattle area). Though I
seem to remember from past searches a reference to a patch that
implemented what we're looking for, I haven't been able to find
anything current.
     Thanks in advance for your time helping us with this. Regards,

Daniel Barbar

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