[Samba] roaming profile

Dan Gapinski DanGapinski at qsi-r2.com
Mon May 5 14:34:00 GMT 2003


in addition to the regular logon entries, you need to have these entries in
smb.conf (thanks to John Terpstra for showing me the way):

 logon drive = z:
 logon home =
 logon path =

You can also make the last line in your logon script:
net use z: /d

That will make sure that there is no left over z: drive. You do need the
logon drive for your logon scripts to execute cleanly.

I made the same mistake, because Samba defaults to roaming profiles unless
you specify non-answers here. I also recommend your reading the
policies/profiles section at the following link:

My best,

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> hi,
> I want to avoid having roaming profile because  it takes a long time to
> load user profile and there are a lot of user directory copy in the same
> workstation where users log on.
> Could you tell me how i can stop roaming profile.
> Thanks
> sincerelly
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