[Samba] Multiple Printers on LPT

Mike at dounsix.co.nz Mike at dounsix.co.nz
Mon May 5 09:05:46 GMT 2003


I have a RH7.2 server with 3 x LPT ports

I have installed the following printers using the GUI printconfig

Lp0 = HP1200
Lp1 = OKI320
Lp2 = OKI321

I have shared them via samba
I can brows them using WinXP & Win2K by browsing the Linux box, looking 
at the printers and double clicking to open them, all is OK you would 
say, No.

When I install the printer on either the WinXP or Win2k PC then I get 
"access denied" really frustrating.

Any clues?

Many thanks


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