[Samba] many smbd processes by root

Francesc Guasch frankie at etsetb.upc.es
Mon May 5 09:42:13 GMT 2003

I have problems with a samba server. It's almost stable
since the last upgrade, but there are many smbd processes
owned by root, instead by the user.

This is a RedHat-7.3 server. There were many smbd processes
running, I once saw almost 50 for the same user. This was
growing untill we had to restart samba.

I also tried to build the samba-2.2.8 rpm but it was too
unstable in this system.

Since the last upgrade to samba-2.2.7a from RedHat, the only
strange behaviour has been that there are many smbd processes
owned by root.

I check the entries from smbstatus, some smbd are owned by
the user, but many are from root. Is this normal ?

smbd -S entries     : 125
smbd owned by root  :  49
other smbd          :  12

current versions:
   redhat 7.3

Thank you for your time.

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