[Samba] nmblookup fails

Jacob Tarvin jacob_tarvin at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 04:46:57 GMT 2003

I'm debugging my Samba setup using the
"Troubleshooting Techniques" from Sam's Teach Yourself
Samba in 24 Hours.

Everything works fine up until the nmbd section.  I am
able to do the following correctly:
nmblookup -U __SAMBA__
nmblookup -U POGO       (the server)
nmblookup -B WIN-CLIENT   (the client)

but when I do nmblookup -B POGO it fails
with the message:
querying POGO on
name_query failed to find name POGO

I assume there is a problem with my interfaces line in
the smb.conf.  Currently I have:
interfaces =   ;the address of the
bind interfaces only = yes

What should I have on the interfaces line or am I even
on the right track?

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