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Sat May 3 09:19:02 GMT 2003

Dear Sir,

It's my priviledge to briefly introduce myself and the confidential business proposal in concern. I write you this letter of request for partnership which i hope you give your urgent attention as a
reputable and trustworthy businessman.

I am Mr Godswill Zabina from (Democratic Republic of Congo) a consultant, estate and properties valued visiting holland. I was consulted by Dr. Edoman Zabina (my Uncle) a personal assistance to the Director General of the Banque Du Congo, this is the highest bank in  Congo. The said Dr. Edoman Zabina is a uncle and has ask me to help him to look and arrange with a trustworthy foreign partner who can assist in keeping the sum of US$18.5M (EIGTHTEEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) in his Bank account for further investment.

The said amount US$18.5M was transported through Diplomatic Means in Two treasure boxes and is presently deposited with a security company here in holland since 18th of November 2002 although they do not know the contents and he declared the content of the trunk boxes to the security company as antiquities and personal effect. This was aimed at protecting the money from theft.

Basically, the money was deposited by Uncle Dr. Edoman Zabina before he was arrested by the government of my country and when there was probing to unravel the circumstances leading to the disapperance of some millions of dollars in the country's coffer, my uncle was subsequently arrested along with other high ranking officials of the bank.

We would have been able to claim this trunk boxes out on our own but our problem is  compounded with the fact that my uncle told the security company that the trunk boxes belong to a foreign affiliate who will come forward to claim it when due.

However your assistance is seriously needed because as Government official they are not allowed to operate any foreign account due to the D.R.C law, which does not permit government officials to operate foreign accounts. Dr. Edoman  Zabina has decided to compensate you with 25% of the total sum of US$18.5M then 5% will be set aside for expences incurred in the course of this transaction, while 70% will be for him and his partners.
If you are willing to render him your assistance regarding this transaction and safe keeping of the money, all necessary arrangements required for the speedy conclusion of this within TEN(10) working days has been concluded.

So i desire all information i have provided you to be kept secret to avoid more harm to him, Dr. Edoman Zabina (Personal Assistance to the Director General). I am in a position to provide you with further details immediately i received acknowledgement of this mail from you as soon as possible as you identify positive interest to assist.

For further informations and clarification on this issue please contact me through my directline +31-622-535-488 OR my email address.

Awaiting for your urgent responce.

Best regards,

Mr. Godswill Zabina.  

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