[Samba] server shares and password with win2k clients

Harondel J. Sibble help at pdscc.com
Thu May 1 03:35:03 GMT 2003

Note: I am asking this question on the samba list also..

I have a samba server with a network of Win2k clients in workgroup mode. Each 
machine is setup to use netbios over tcp/ip and use the samba server for Wins 
Resolution (there are a couple of Win9x boxes on the network).

Now the problem is this, the username/password credentials on the samba box 
are different from the username/password used to logon to the local machine. 
I setup the mapped network drives and configure things to connect as a 
different user (the samba credentials) and reconnect on logon. However after 
logging off/rebooting, after typing in the username/password it pops up the 
network login saying you connected to this share previously as..... and has a 
field to enter the samba password.

Is there any way to save this so the users don't have to enter the samba 
password on each logon/reboot?

Changing all the samba accounts to match the workstation ones is not 
currently an option.
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