[Samba] PDC Setup

amorgan at leainc.com amorgan at leainc.com
Thu May 1 00:01:08 GMT 2003

When I issue the following command on a RH 7.3/Samba PDC:

smbclient -L "machinename" -N

I get the an expected response including IP address, broadcast address,
nmask address, "anonymous login successful, domain="domain name", os
= "unix", server=samba 2.2.1a
but then I get the following:  tree connect failed: errsrv - errbadpw (bad
password - name/password pair in a tree connect or session setup are

I have not seen this message in any of the documentation I have read and I
do not understand.  Please explain to me. Thanks.

Allen Morgan

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