[Samba] Samba Ver 2.27 Win2K File mout lost

Luke Bernier luke_bernier at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 19:22:44 GMT 2003


I am currently running Redhat Linux 7.3  Samba Version 2.27 and we are mounting a Win2k Directory.  It seam that we lose the connection from Windows to Linux.  I still see the directory but it does not list any files.  If I remount the file share every thing reconnects and is fine for a couple days then we lose the share again.  We also are getting this error message on the console:

smb_trans2_request: result = -104, setting invalid

smb_retry: successful new pid=4577, generation=2  

This error message keeps repeating and the generation number is incremented.

Thanks Luke

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