[Samba] How to list windows print shares?

daniel.jarboe at custserv.com daniel.jarboe at custserv.com
Mon Mar 31 17:50:03 GMT 2003

> 	In windows when I browse the corporate windows print server it 
> automatically shows me all the available printers.   Is there 
> any way to do this from linux?
> 	I've tried twiddling with smbclient -L server-name, 
> (with my domain 
> login), and the printers show up off my own samba server, but not the 
> windows server.

If you are talking about Add Printer... Network Printer thing where
windows print-servers display the printers up top and all open, I think
the samba team haven't figured that one out yet.  Last thing I remember
reading about it was here:
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=samba&m=103633478208735&w=2 (the top
part), but it might be something set on the PDC, I dunno.

Double clicking the server name (expanding the +) should still show you
your printers though.

If you are talking about the Samba server not even showing up in
"network neighborhood" type things, make sure that have you have "wins
server" set correctly in smb.conf.

> 	The only thing I found in the documentation was about 
> accessing a 
> windows print share, defining them 1 at a time.  This is not feasible 

Defining the printer shares individually or using a generic [printers]
share will not change anything as far as printers showing up in the
network printer list.

~ Daniel


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