[Samba] DOS Properties Not Networkable?

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Mon Mar 31 16:26:24 GMT 2003

If I right-click on an executable program (like a DOS batch file) that
resides on a samba share and set properties like "full screen", that
property is remembered on the machine with which I made the change.

However, if I go to another machine and run that file, it uses the default
properties.  Doing a right-click from the other machine and viewing the
properties also shows all the defaults.

- Is there a way to set network-wide properties for a file?
- Where does Win98 store my properties locally if not on the network?
- Is there any way to force a batch file to run full-screen?  (I tried
  "start" from within another batch file but that can only do a "maximized"
  window, not full-screen.)


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