[Samba] W2K security and smbclient

Andrea Spanevello aspanevello at sogeda.it
Mon Mar 31 13:22:03 GMT 2003

I've a linux client (RH8) and a MS W2K with Active Directory server.
I can login from a linux agains AD with the extension schema (AD4Unix
I can obtain a kerberos ticket and when i use smbclient //server/share -k
(kerberos authentication) all is OK, but.....
When i try to mount a directory with smbmount or with mount all is ok but i've noted
that the security of W2k are not respected from "linux user".
In other words every file and directory are owned by root.
I've try setting uid=user and gid=group but nothing!
I've read about AD client furthcoming with samba3 stable version, is it true?


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