[Samba] Printing with CUPS and PDF

Tom samba-lists at fleet.ucdavis.edu
Fri Mar 28 23:26:08 GMT 2003

Trying to get one Samba server to serve several printers through CUPS 
and host a virtual PDF "printer" at the same time. I've gotten them 
working separately, but not together, and I think I know why.

In the smb.conf man page under "print command":

"With printing = cups, and if SAMBA is compiled against libcups, any 
manually set print command will be ignored."

My PDF printer relies on a print command field (print command = 
/usr/bin/printpdf %s) as recommended in the PDF printer howto here:


So is it possible to use CUPS and a "print command" in the same Samba 
server? Why are print commands ignored anyway? Thanks in advance for any 


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