[Samba] Security =Domain problems

Beau Hunter beau at wedgetailtechs.com
Fri Mar 28 17:35:51 GMT 2003

Hey all,
    Posted this about a week ago, have received no response, so I¹ll try

I¹m currently trying to setup my box (samba 2.2.3a) to authenticate to a
win2k AD PDC.  I am currently importing users via LDAP, AD user
authentication is working like a champ, however, SMB authentication is not.
I can get it to work if I take out security=domain and change encrypt
passwords to NO. 
The following configuration works perfectly (albeit with plaintext
passwords) :

    Security = USER
    Encrypt passwords = NO
    Password server = ADPDC1

However, if I change it to this, it¹s broken:
    Security = DOMAIN
    Encrypt passwords = YES
    Password server = ADPDC1

When trying to log in, authentication is broken.  I¹ve succesfully joined
the domain from my box using:

Smbpasswd ­j domain ­r ADPDC1 ­u Administrator

The problem is that there are a ton of 98 boxes logging on to this machine,
including remote users, and it¹s impossible to set them all up to use clear
text.  My guess is that this is a setting on my Active directory machine,
but I haven¹t been able to find it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  All
help is appreciated greatly.

Beau Hunter
Technical Consultant
Wedgetail Consulting

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- Edmund Burke (Cheers, Eric)

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