[Samba] who to copy a registry file between users?

Robert Adkins II radkins at impelind.com
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	Do you think that it is possible to export that registry entry
and then add a line or two to a new users login.bat file that will
import that registry entry into their profile? I am far from an expert
with the Windows registry, but I do believe that there is a command line
application that will import registry entries and with the right flag,
it will take care of the prompts.

	At the very worst, I think that you would have to give the new
user instructions to click on the "yes" button, once the exported
registry is run.

	You could work the user's login.bat script to be automatically
changed to a script that no longer contains that registry import line,
or you could make sure that you manually edit that line out after
creating the user account.

	I believe that will "fix" your issue.

	Beyond that, I would definitely like to know any other ideas on
working through this issue. 

Robert Adkins II
IT Manager/Buyer
Impel Industries, Inc.

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I wounder if someone else had this same problem that I have, and solved
So here it goes...

I have 15 WinXP Pro workstations, on a Domain controlled by a Samba
The domain has 36 users, each with an independent roaming profile, on

Every machine have Adobe Premiere installed. However Premiere's
configuration is saved on each user's registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive.
So I
have to find a way to get the correspondent registry tree in each
file. The question is how?

I have tried copying a configured ntuser.dat and overwriting the ones on
every other profile. It didn't work, and I guess it's because of the

6 months ago, I got around the problem, by configuring a profile,
logging on
a test BOX, and copying the profile to the default user's one. Them
all the users' roaming profiles, on the PDC and logging on each of them
the test box. It solved the problem then, but right now, most of the
have changed passwords, and sooner or later, I'll have to add more
and that kind of task would be mindless.

So I'm striving to find another way to work around this problem. I have
Microsoft's TechNet software collection, but don't know how to find a
usefull app. It looks like trying to find a needle on a hay stack :).

So I'm wondering if someone else had the same problem, or has any

I would really appreciate any help or thoughts.

Thanks in advance,
Ricardo Cordeiro

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