[Samba] getent displays incomplete lists of groups on Solaris 8

Chris Hanrahan chanrahan at comcast.net
Fri Mar 28 03:44:03 GMT 2003


I have installed the samba 2.2.8 binary package under Solaris 8 and followed the HOWTO in order to get winbind working.  My samba server is participating in an NT 4.0 domain which contains 2000 users and 250 Domain groups.  On the samba server, I can issue a wbinfo -g and see a complete list of my domain groups.  However, when I issue a getent group, the last group I see is the one listed immediately before the Domain Users group.

If I add a new group to the domain, it will appear when using getent group as long as its name falls before the name "Domain Users" in the alphabet.

This problem does not occur with users, issuing getent passwd displays a complete list of all users.

I have installed samba 2.2.8 on a RedHat Linux 8.0 server, joined it to this same NT domain and have experienced no problems.  getent group works as it should under Linux.

I suspect that Solaris is having a problem enumerating the Domain Users group because it is the one group in the domain in which everyone is a member.

Is there some limit in Solaris in regards to the number of users which may be in a group ?  Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior in a Solaris 8 environment ?

I have experienced this on two different Solaris servers, one on which I installed the samba binary package, and the other where I compiled samba from the source code.

Any suggestions, or advice appreciated.


Chris Hanrahan

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