Subject: [Samba] I see my samba server but.............

Kevin Smith ksmith at
Thu Mar 27 19:22:27 GMT 2003

Well first problem I see is you editied your sbm.conf...Should be smb.conf
Can you access it as root? Id start by making sure the permissions are
correct. And that the Sharename in smb.conf matches the folder name on the
server and that the path is correct.   


Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 14:10:54 -0600
From: Manuel_Casoluengo at
Subject: [Samba] I see my samba server but.............
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Here I go guys!

I've already changed the configuration of my sbm.conf, also I made my samba
server to be configured as a windows domain, yes! it is found in my windows
domain now but as doing double click on this machine (samba) it asks me for
a user and passsword, it does not let me get into it, I have created the
same samba users as windows, but without any results.
I appreciate your help :

(See attached file: samba1.jpg)

And my samba config files is:

| # Samba config file created using SWAT

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