[Samba] Maximum characters for valid users = ?

Tom Dickson tdickson at inostor.com
Thu Mar 27 18:07:58 GMT 2003

We have winbind running on our server, so all of our usernames look like
MIXEDDOMAIN+User Name, and because of the spaces in the names, we wrap all
of them with " "MIXEDDOMAIN+User Name" ". One share has many users, so the
valid users = list becomes long (over 1024 characters).

Testparm gives this error:

ERROR: string overflow by 34 in safe_strcpy [" "@MIXEDDOMAIN+Cert
Publishers" "

Whenever we get that error, there is difficulty connecting from the windows

If I remove about 50 characters worth of names, it goes away and everything
works right (for the names left). I know I can get around this limitation by
assigning a group on the 2000 server, but I still have two questions. Can I
have more that one valid users = line per share? And, is there a better way
to deal with spaces in usernames than " "User Name" "?

Note: The same thing happens with write list =.

Thank you,

Tom Dickson
InoStor, Corp.

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