[Samba] WARNING: The "printer driver location"option is depre cated

Peter Carpenter peterc at osm.co.uk
Thu Mar 27 10:05:09 GMT 2003


Read Chapter 6 "Printing Support in Samba 2.2.x" in the
"Samba-HOWTO-Collection" document which is in your source tree as a .pdf and
a .html and on the Samba web site.


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From: Andre Dieball [mailto:andre at dieball.net]
Sent: Wednesday, 26 March, 2003 5:50 PM


After upgrade to 2.2.8-1 woody fom 2.2.7a I get (apart from other problems)
the following error message:

WARNING: The "printer driver location"option is deprecated

As I use the Samba server only for printing, I'm not sure, what this means
to me, as I have the follwoing in my smb.conf:

printer driver file = /etc/samba/printers.def

Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Yours sincerely,

Andre Dieball

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