[Samba] Fw: share a folder rw, but not deletable?

Brian Wiese bwiese at cotse.com
Wed Mar 26 08:38:43 GMT 2003

Is there a way in UNIX to make a folder with read+write permissions for
some group of users, but only allow them to read and write to the
folder... not actually delete the folder itself?

I have some samba shares, and directories inside them that I want to
remain with their current structure and permission settings -- with many
similiar group-specific files inside each folder, but I don't want the
users to be able to delete the folders themselves! =)  

I've tried setting the directories with the sticky bit (i) with "chattr +i
dir/" and that didn't work... as now the users could not r/w data within
the directory.  I don't want the directories to be renamed or deleted. 
Windows has the "delete" permissions available -- but not samba?

Any UNIX/Samba suggestions?

thanks, peace

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