[Samba] Problems with samba password file

Enzo Cardillo cardillo at ieh.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Mar 26 08:36:36 GMT 2003


For some weeks I get  the following error message
when I want to add new users and machines.
Also the log-files are full with the same message:

 getsmbfilepwent: malformed password entry (no terminating  : )

I do not know why this problem arose suddenly, without changing
somewhat in the configuration of samba and without changing something
in the samba password file?!
I am not an expert concerning Samba and I was not able to solve the
problem untill now.So, I want to ask whether somebody can help me in this
bad situation and give me some hints and advice what I can do?

Thank you very much in advance,

                Enzo Cardillo


Enzo Cardillo

Institut für Energieübertragung und
Hochspannungstechnik der Universität Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen

mailto:cardillo at ieh.uni-stuttgart.de

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