[Samba] Starting over with samba

Eric Halverson ehalverson at dchs.us
Tue Mar 25 20:09:10 GMT 2003

I'd like to wipe out whatever specific files that are used in
maintaining a samba PDC and start over seeing as how my samba no longer
wants to allow users to log into the domain.  I would obviously like to
keep my smb.conf, but what other files would I remove to "start over"
from scratch save for the smb.conf file.  I've removed secrets.tdb and
the smbpasswd file but I continue to have the same problem.  Is there
another file or just something that I'm missing that would remove any
"strangeness" that has occured?

Eric Halverson <ehalverson at dchs.us>
Doctors Care Health Services

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