[Samba] query WINS for all registered machines in an workgroup or domain

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Mon Mar 24 22:18:16 GMT 2003

Hi Jelmer Vernooij,

you wrote:

>> I searched the documentation and the web but cannot find a way to
>> query
>> a wins server for all registered machines in an workgroup or domain.
>> If I want to ask the wins with nmblookup, I have to specify a single
>> name to lookup, wildcards are not allowed.

> Is the smbtree utility what you're looking for ?

I looked im the 2.2.8 tarball and could not find smbtree. Found it with
google on


Thanks a lot, i'll try it on weekend :)

Oh, thats why you know this program:

   Copyright (C) Tim Potter      2000
   Copyright (C) Jelmer Vernooij 2003

Thanks again  :)

der tom

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