[Samba] Considering upgrade - looking for input

Ulrich Kohlhase Ulrich.Kohlhase at t-online.de
Sun Mar 23 18:34:08 GMT 2003


> I'm considering upgrading my Samba server (originally Mandrake 7.2,
> but bears little resemblance to it anymore) from 2.0.10 to 2.2.8. I'm
> wondering if I'll be gaining anything in the upgrade in the way of
> performance, management, etc. It's a pretty simple enviro handling a
> few shares - home dirs, public share, etc - and probably won't grow
> to much more than that.
> Anyone have any advice (except for maybe "if it ain't broke...") on
> whether the upgrade should run smoothely or should I just skip it?
> Should the performance improve any?

Main reason to upgrade is the security fix provided by the recent version
and *a lot* of bugs fixed since release 2.0.10. If you use Samba in a
secured local LAN, security probably isn't such a big issue, but I'd still
recommend upgrading. You will get much better printing support and a couple
of useful tools for common admin tasks. Performance may improve after you
upgraded but your mileage may vary since performance is influenced by so
*many* different factors (journaled filesystem yes/no, SCSI/IDE, RAID,
number of disks, memory, op system, kernel version, ...).


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