[Samba] WinXP DFS problems

Eric Horst erich at cac.washington.edu
Sat Mar 22 01:43:40 GMT 2003

Johan says:
> After upgrading from 2.2.5 to 2.2.8, our WinXP clients don't recognize
> DFS-root shares as DFS anymore.
> When viewing the properties of a DFS root share on a WinXP client, we
> get the "DFS" -tab page.

Luc says:
> I'm having the same problems with DFS and WinXP clients since I
>  to 2.2.8.
>Can anyone else confirm this problem?

I can confirm this.  Upgrading from 2.2.7a to 2.2.8 breaks Dfs.  I've
upgraded and reverted several times and it's certain.  I've been looking
at logs, source and diffs between 2.2.7a and 2.2.8 all day.  I don't
know what changed between the two versions to break it.  I'm continuing
to look.  

Is msdfs actually working for anybody in 2.2.8?  Has those of you who
have had trouble found any additional clues?


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